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July Update

If you followed my Instagram feed from mid-February from late May, you may have noticed that I was posting about 500 or so words of content every day for 98 days. I’ve been depressed about the current presidential administration and I needed do something to cope with this depression and with this coping mechanism, I ended up writing a second novel, which I didn’t plan or expect to do this year, let alone any year, but as if all of my projects, the ideas are stumbled upon.

When I set out to start this project, I remember something Ben Tanzer told me or said on a podcast about how he wrote anywhere (typically during his commutes to and from work) and I took that method to heart when I started down the path of writing this novel, using Google Docs to write on my iPad, even my iPhone. Instagram kept me accountable about making sure I got my 500+ words in daily. Writing in this way was out of my comfort zone but it was worth doing, and I think that’s important for any creative person is to do things that makes them uncomfortable.


Here are some excerpts of the novel (I’m calling it Teenage Wasteland: An American Love Story until an editor suggests otherwise.)

I also have some other flash fiction over in Flash Flood, which you can read here.

Also FIVE:2:ONE published some of my ribcage poems, which you can read here.

New work in HYPERTEXT

I have a story called “This Is Not My Beautiful Life” over at HYPERTEXT. I wrote this after a conversation I had with a couple of folks I know. I have always believed that the best story ideas are the ones you stumble on to.

Ben Tanzer said some really nice things about Sam Slaughter‘s When You Cross That Line, a chapbook that I published through my reading series There Will Be Words. You can still order what copies we have left here.

Also, the e-book versions of The Adventures of Jesus Christ, Boy Detective are now available for pre-sale. You can pick which version to pre-order by going here.

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